Train the Maritime Trainer

Train the Maritime Trainer is a concept to empower the potential of the trainers in maritime industry. The “trainer” is the master of the learning process. It empowers systematic and proper qualities of leadership and enhances the skills within a potential individual. Train The Maritime Trainer course is launched to assist trainers for motivating their students to learn and teaches trainers various delivery forms that they can adopt to engage the students with course content more effectively. Trainers are an asset to the company, so trainers must be trained with care and attention to lead teams to produce practical work.

Train the Maritime Trainer course prepares instructors and assessors in order to successfully train and assess seafarers in a wide spectrum of topics, according to the competencies set out in the STCW Convention as amended with particular reference to STCW Regulation I/6, STCW Code A-I/6 and B-I/6 concerning the qualifications of instructors and assessors. It also incorporates important elements of the IMO Model Course 6.09 (Training Course for Instructors) and elements of the IMO Model Course 1.30 (on-board assessment).

The aim of the course is to provide the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable to

  • design, prepare and deliver short professional courses for maritime people working, or targeting to work, within the maritime industry.
  • teach a maritime training for competence-based course effectively using appropriate methods and teaching aids