When the termination of a work relationship is unavoidable…

Outplacement aims at the timely and successful handling of problems in relation to people who are terminated from their job, both from the psychological aspect, as well as the professional reorientation and career management side of things.

Outplacement is a program for the personal preparation and support of the employee, so that he/she can get into a position of achieving a positive career turn and the smoothest possible transition to a new workplace.

There are various situations that can lead to the termination of an employee, however the goal always remains to make this transitional period a positive experience:

  • For the corporation: the challenge being to retain a high level of morale and motivation in those remaining.
  • The employee needs to overcome the traumatic experience related to the termination of the work relationship and to become willing to organise him/her self for success search of a new job.

Every working person has the means of quickly finding a new job which has real potential for success.


 Companies use outplacement programs because:

  • They constitute a humane tool, for difficult human resources management situations.
  • It boosts the morale inside the company.
  • It gives an air of prestige to the work environment.
  • It eases difficult decisions.
  • It hastens change.

The employees follow a systematic and progressive development process which:

  • Reduces the emotional cost of work termination.
  • Focuses the attention and energy of the candidate to job searching.
  • It reestablishes (reinstates) and strengthens the essential faith of the candidate in him/her self and in his/her future employers.

The process of reactivating and motivating the employee, includes the following stages:

  • Accepting personal feelings
  • Regaining of self-confidence
  • Planning of a new strategy and objectives
  • Retrieving of crucial connections inside and outside the company.
  • Planning of a new career in a methodical way.

The 3 stages

Personal & Professional Diagnosis and Analysis Start of the program

Point Zero

The candidate realises all of his strong points and his fields of interest, through a quick and systematic process which can be expanded if he/she so wishes. He/she is the one to regulate (controls) the extent of his/her limitations and to gradually start expanding his/her boundaries.


Selection of Media/Means

Resource Allocation

Within 3 weeks from the start of the program The candidate, based on his individual diagnosis and analysis, sets his/her personal and professional goals. He/she decides his/her self-promotion strategy, selects the media/means he/she will use and plans how to use his/her time and, possibly, his/her money.
Acquirement of Skills / Techniques

Search Campaign

New job and adjustment 3-5 months after the commencement (start) of the search campaign The candidate applies the strategy on the means he/she has chosen and at the same time perfects his/her skills in the job searching techniques. The first results of the self-promotion campaign need to be evaluated often, so that the process of improving and progressing can start. The PPP counselor, at this stage acts as an actual “Campaign Manager”.

Cooperate with PPP

Cooperate with PPP in the Outplacement Program

  • PPP maintains a network of contacts that allows the exchange of experiences and the continuous improvement of the tools and techniques for the most effective job-searching campaign.
  • Our team of counselors devotes more than 10% of their time, in further learning and updating of the techniques that are being applied. The academic range, the professional experience and the level of responsibility of the PPP counselors, provide any candidate with the opportunity of finding the right person with the appropriate specialization .
  • We are available to interested companies for assisting in the discussions of job termination.
  • Each counselor handles a limited number of candidates and is committed to work with them till they get secure in their new job.
  • Our methodology is fully substantiated and standardized, so that we can guarantee effectiveness and security to the candidates, throughout the course of the program.
  • When we undertake the program we investigate, along with the company, the candidate’s physical and emotional condition in relation to starting a new job search campaign.
  • The employee should not be left to his own means of dealing with the work problem. Appropriate help should be provided to everyone.
  • Our efforts include helping the candidates to develop personalized solutions.
  • The high quality of contact that every PPP counselor has with each candidate constitutes a fundamental element of our methodology.
  • The PPP counselor’s main duty is to succeed in getting the candidate focused on the search for a new job.

We provide a total support system (office, phone, training and information material, newspapers, video, secretarial services) so that the candidate does not feel he/she has lost his usual work space.