Are you ready to lead your company to a higher level of competitiveness?

The PPP team is made up of consultants that are expert in the automotive sector and of accredited trainers. Being focused on the needs of the automotive sector? trade and service areas, we have developed an innovative, practical and effective approach for developing the integrated car dealerships? human resources, which leads to immediate goal achievement.

Our experience in the automotive sector
We posses particular knowledge in the trade of cars, given that we have accumulated more than 10 years experience from cooperating with large Greek car trade companies:

  • We have trained more than 5.000 salespersons, workshop managers and receptionists.
  • We have planned, designed and conducted more than 25 brand training programs in relation to the most commercial models..
  • Our trainers have conducted seminars to small and large car dealerships in Greece, Cyprus and Balkans

If you are looking for basic or advanced sales techniques, customer service strategies, quality culture development, management tools, negotiating practices, flexibility and adaptability, specialized solutions, then the training system Auto Academy. Auto Academy can fully cover your needs.

To Auto Academy is a training system with regard to sales and to organization and management of all the corporate units of a car dealership.

To Auto Academy approaches the human resources development needs totally (on the whole), not only from the trading aspect but also from the workshop operation side of things. Auto Sales Academy approaches the overall needs of people who are directly responsible for sales and customer service in the trade departments, while Auto Service Academy approaches the overall needs of people who are responsible for all customer service matters in the workshops.