Sales Academy

Salespersons always played a central role creating revenue for a dealership; however the complexity of this role has increased in the last few years. This complexity originates from:

  • the product, which is characterized (marked) by technological innovations, abundant complicated features and by a large number of model editions, so that the strong competition can be tackled
  • the services, which are a strategic factor of success for meeting the high competition challenges that are set by the market
  • the customers, who are more informed and demanding, susceptible to temptations offered by the competition and more cautious (watchful) regarding cost/value issues.

The Sales Academy is the only multilevel training program that exists in the automotive trading sector, which helps develop the necessary skills though a system that follows the salesperson during his entire career. We have determined three levels for developing the professional role of the salesperson, each one of which is characterized by progressively higher standards of complexity and constitute the phases of his professional development.