We provide the consulting services needed for discovering and evaluating the opportunities offered with regard to maximum effectiveness, for recognizing and overcoming the respective barriers and for applying constructive solutions that are inseparable from the organization’s objectives.

We assist organizations in detecting, prioritizing and implementing solutions which include personnel selection, work attitudes, values and effectiveness and confrontation of the factors inhibiting effectiveness.

We offer consulting and services, of a wide range as far as knowledge diffusion is concerned, which include Leadership and Management, Team Building, Quality and Production, Sales and Customer Service. Experiential Learning Soft Skill Learning Systems New Technologiese-learning Assessments  Research & Development of Organizational Structures.

PPP Learn solutions


PPP Learn proposes solutions which ensure high quality results in accordance to its client’s needs and objectives

Our products and services can be designed, either with the objective of creating personal development programs, which can cover the current needs of individuals and their respective personal professional development, or with the objective of implementing the corporate strategies through overcoming cross-sectional and hierarchical barriers.

PPP Learn is in a position to offer systemic solutions, and not simply seminars or other solutions of a temporary nature which are detached from the company strategy.

The Skill Assessments help corporations and organizations ensure maximum effectiveness, through the procedures by which they select, advance, develop and promote their personnel. The Assessments of Organizational Factors provide feedback in both, the individual level as well as the various organizational levels, in a big variety of areas, including sales, leadership and management, cooperation and teamwork, quality improvement and customer satisfaction.

PPP Learn helps you to transform your people into a competitive advantage for your corporation or organization. Our programs, are not simply aimed at providing specific solutions to the operational problems of corporations. They rather constitute training systems, learning tools which lead to thought, and thought that leads to a more sensitized type of reasoning and to dynamic intervention. The ultimate result is innovative solutions, that the organizations are in a position to produce on a continuous basis.

Our products and services are used rather as “levers” which can transfer the strategy and the objectives to the day-to-day activities and can help develop the necessary skills for the successful implementation of the particular strategy and the subsequent fulfilling of the objectives.