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Team Management Deutschland GmbH

We in PPP serve our primary purpose: to excel in our relationship with customers and to work closely with them to help them envision and create the conditions through which they will achieve the results they seek, we present in the Greek market Coverdale, your new partner in change.

Coverdale has more than 40 years of experience in supporting organizations to achieve and maintain beneficial changes. Headquartered in Europe, it has expanded its operations in China and the United States.

Its work is based on proven effective techniques that are organized and designed to provide measurable improvements in team and body performance. Consulting and organizational development services support the development of vision, creativity, engagement and skills that will produce results that have been identified from the outset clearly.

Activating people to succeed partners is a key element of Coverdale's management approach required in organizational changes such as downsizing, segment mergers, and corporate acquisitions.

Our intention is to illuminate our client's thinking about change and to give him a better sense of where to start the journey, how to go ahead and how to succeed, so that he considers us valuable partners / travelers in this venture.