Assessment Tools

The right people to have the right skills at the right time!

Undoubtedly, the success of a business is linked to human performance. Competitive requirements for human resources and the need to maximize each investment dictate that education and development be directed to the right people to provide them with the right skills at the right time.

PPP Learn rating systems are the means to achieve this goal. A targeted approach focuses on the development of human resources in the strategic intentions of the organization, strengthens the effectiveness of education, and ultimately produces a measurable return on investment.

Assessments are a key form of feedback to the systemic approach followed by PPP Learn for planning human resource development. They provide a framework for collecting information about behaviors and attitudes that are the raw material for the Training Engineering methodology.

Assessment levels:

Performance and learning are not only about individuals but groups and even the entire organization. So they are useful not only at the level of a person but also a group and even the entire organization. Evaluations can stimulate and stimulate learning and change in individuals, groups and higher levels of organization by measuring indicators in three dimensions: knowledge, skills, behaviors and values.

Categories of ratings

Depending on their purpose, ratings are categorized into the following groups:

  • Diagnostic
    They are used to discover and diagnose development needs.
  • Learning outcomes
    Evaluations of this kind act as catalysts for changing attitudes and attitudes.
  • Effectiveness
    These evaluations measure the effectiveness of education. They measure to what extent education supports success factors and is an indicator for return on investment.