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We challenge people to think, to feel, to act.

Our name

On starting their Endeavour in the twenty first century, companies are faced with a fast paced, difficult to predict corporate environment. The methods yielding high performance in the past, can no longer assure future success. The corporate world, if it really intends to be in a position of advancing, will be forced to let go of its familiar strategies and will need to develop new approaches at all levels.

There was a time when the actual product parameters and the technological infrastructure of a company constituted its strongest ammunition. Nowadays, the vital comparative advantage in the business world is the human factor: reflective people who know not only how to handle and solve problems on their own, but who are also sensitive to "vibes" and "messages", so as to adjust accordingly and to take advantage of the continuous, unremitting change.

Our philosophy

PP helps people attain the kind of prolific thought process which leads to flexibility and easy adjustment, in times of continuous change and which remains creative even in times of high uncertainty. This type of thought process constitutes a challenge to the existing operational framework, given that it can trigger the necessary changes for achieving success. The driving question in our contemplation regarding the foresaid change is "why is it done in this way", which at the same time is the basic conception of the objective. Our raw material is made of values, notions (viewpoints) models, research, professional experience and expertise. Our tools for managing this raw material are: participation, discovery, ideas, wishes and desires, convictions, attributes and the dynamics of our clients.

We conduct structured interviews or team meetings, evaluations, observations and on-the-job measurements of effectiveness, data analysis, observation and findings' synthesis/reports. We present our proposals on the adjustments necessary for the development of the human resources of our clients, in connection to their respective general business strategy.

"The ultimate outcome is unprecedented corporate effectiveness."