Are you ready to lead your company to a higher level of competitiveness?

PPP, being focused on the needs of corporations that develop through chain stores, be these mother-company owned or the result of franchising, has developed an innovative, practical and effective approach regarding the development of the chain store network’s human resources, which leads to immediate goal achievement.

If you are looking for basic or advanced sales techniques, customer service strategies, development of quality culture, management tools, negotiating practices, flexibility and adaptability, specialized solutions, then the training system Chain Store Academy can fully cover your needs.

To Chain Store Academy is a training system relative to sales, customer service, organisation and management of all the corporate units of a store.

To Chain Store Academy approaches the human resources development needs on two levels. Selling Service Academy level approaches the needs of people who are directly responsible for customer service and the Store Management Academy level which deals with the needs of the people who are responsible for the overall operation of the store.

To Store Chain Academy is complemented by inspection (monitoring) and assessment systems, mystery customer activities and incentives programs, so that the taught modes of operation and the behaviors can be enforced, maintained and adapted to the actual conditions present.