Business to business sales

Approaching and selling business-to-business truly constitutes the most complicated and composite sales process, a real challenge where the salesperson has to fulfill needs on the personal as well as on the corporate side, has to deal will complex situations and has to manage personal relationships on a multitude of levels.

However, at the same time, this type of selling leads to repeated sales that are based on long-term business relations, resulting in greater margins of profit.

Business challenges dictate better products, services tailor-made to the customers’ needs and complex, composite solutions. Corporations, in their efforts to fulfill their client-companies’ needs, mobilize experts with abundant know-how, technical experts, engineers that play a crucial role in the development, the sale and the implementation of the particular solutions to the client-companies.

The salesperson interacts with the client-company on various levels. The exchange at the high management and the executive levels entails advanced business sharpness and sense, coupled by sales skills. In addition, the salespersons’ deep knowledge of the business needs and issues of the client-companies is absolutely essential.

More specifically, in intensely completive and complex sectors, the professional salespersons need those tools that can lead to competitive advantage and will create bonds between supplier/provider and client, mainly on the business level, not only on the personal lever.As business solutions become all the more complicated and composite for even the smallest business solutions, their sale and implementation is delegated to teams where each member has special knowledge on some specific aspect of the solution.

Selling, more than ever, constitutes a combined effort. Although some people are experts in their fields, they are not so well prepared to get involved in the business side of the deal.

In a sense, every salesperson leads a formal or informal team that aligns, instruments and adds value to his company’s resources, for the client’s sake. In reality, every employee is a member of this team and is available to support every initiative that aims at the client’s satisfaction.

The Selling Business Solutions Academy is a multisided and multileveled approach of selling corporate solutions business-to- business (B2B).