Training Engineering

A big truth!

A few years ago Thomas L. Russell begun a review of more than 300 studies, which were conducted in the last 75 years and compared the virtues of the various media used in training and in instruction. Which one was the best means of training? The classical – classroom type? The 16mm film (do you recall those?), the video tapes, the training by correspondence or the self-training method with the use of CD ROMs?

After all his efforts, T. L. Russell was rather disappointed in realising, that the common finding of all these studies, was that there was no notable difference as far as effectiveness of one training means against another was concerned.

This phenomenon shows us that by just simply selecting a particular training means, there is no guarantee of its effectiveness. What does make the difference however, is the actual process; it does not matter WHAT you use, but HOW you utilize it. Some classical – classroom training sessions are conducted in an appropriate manner, some others are not. The actual appropriateness is decisively prescribed by the design of the learning process.

Τraining Engineering is a methodology of instructional design, development and distribution of training content. Training Engineering draws its values from learning psychology and its methodologies from the systemic school of thought and from management.

The methodology of training Engineering is made up of a series of training content development phases, with a strong presence of the feedback process.

Why Engineering?

Because the learning systems of PPP are implemented using the principles of engineering:

  • Predictable and consistent result, based on the prescribed objectives
  • Precision in the process of transferring from paper to actual practice
  • Measurement and evaluation during the implementation phase.

The main reason – in simple terms- is that this procedure does provide a strong framework for making decisions on training concerns regarding who, when, what, where why and how. The system concept is based on the acquirement of an overall picture of the training process. It is characterized by a systematic method of inquiring, of analysing the individual and the team effectiveness requirements and by precise alignment to the specified needs.

The implementation of Training Engineering, ensures that the training program and the content are continuously evolving, in an efficient and effective manner, so as to match the variety of needs arising from the rapidly changing corporate environment.

The benefits

  • Training Engineering is a management tool which renders the developing of training content more productive.
  • Effectiveness is increased, because the whole process is connected to objectives and these objectives are connected to the corporate policies and strategy.
  • The approach is scientific as well as practical and can be reproduced.
  • The training content can be improved and reinforced through the collection and analysis of new elements/data.
  • It facilitates an exploratory approach to issues.
  • Training Engineering is independent from the medium used in content distribution.
  • Training Engineering, does not require prior knowledge of the training subject, from the person implementing the methodology. On the contrary: the less one knows on the specific subject, or the more technical the subject is, all the better for accommodating systematic adherence to the methodology of Training Engineering.

How can this be useful to you?

All PPP systems are designed through the Training Engineering methodology, and consequently all of the above advantages can come to fruition. In addition:

  • We can design training systems and content on subjects which fall into your own field of specialization.
  • Using Training Engineering we can design unique Product training courses.
  • We offer training on the implementation of the Training Engineering methodology for producing training content, with regard to any medium and we also offer train-the-trainer courses in relation to conducting training that has been designed by Training Engineering.

Given that we are developers of training content, we can supply you with ready-made PPP Soft Skills material, including the necessary train-the-trainer instruction, in order for you to be in a position to implement your training programs on your own.