The benefits

We provide you with training that enhances the cooperation and team spirit (building) between the various corporate units of the dealership, so that we can help maximise sales in terms of turnover, numbers and profit.

The primary development axis of Auto Academy are:

  • The network’s ability for providing appropriate answers and solutions quickly and in accordance to the brand’s policy and image that is easily recognizable and can stand above the competition’s practices, constitutes a competitive advantage
  • The training systems are based on international practices of the automotive sector and can be immediately implemented.
  • Knowledge and skill development cannot be limited to particular training events, but is a never-ending process which integrates learning throughout one’s professional life.

ΡΡΡ drives training into becoming a vital contribution and development tool for the competitiveness of a dealership and clearly indicates its intention of going beyond the circumstantial conduction of a seminar, to integrated processes of human resources development. .

We provide thoroughly integrated, customized and specialized programs for traditional classroom training, on-the-job training, follow-up processes, training conducted in your own premises, but also for instruction delivered through the use of new technologies p.e. e-learning.